Here’s what’s happening in July with Troop 166!

This month will be filled with July 4 celebrations and summer camp! See below for details.

Tonight, July 3, 7:30 – 9 pm. Scout meeting @ church
Reminder — we do have a scout meeting tonight! Please come to tonight’s meeting to get important final details on Summer Camp and on tomorrow’s July 4 activities!

Tuesday, July 4 — multiple events!

As mentioned by Mr. Fulton and Mr. Dupler, we have a lot going on tomorrow:

Parade marshaling: Corner of Maryland Ave. and N. Remington Rd. at 7:30 AM (this is 1/2 hour earlier than previously planned at the request of the parade organizers)

Participants in the parade: Corner of Maryland Ave. and N. Remington Rd. at 9:00 AM. Class “A” Uniform, please.

Cookout: Front lawn at Capital University (along Mian Street). Two shifts. First shift is 5 PM to 7:30 PM. Second Shift is 7:30 PM o 9:30 PMSTART TIME OF FIRST SHIFT IS 30 minutes earlier than originally planned, at the request of the organizers. We need to start serving by 5:30 PM. Class “B” uniform for Scouts.

Soda pop — if you haven’t already, please deliver today to the Bruegge-Fulton household at 49 N. Merkle Rd (between Broad and Denver). Drop off inside of the enclosed back porch at the rear of the house. The porch is covered. Soda can be left on the floor just inside of the door.

Sign up links:

Sign up here for Parade Marshalling (adults and older Scouts):

Sign up here for the Parade and the Cook-out (adults and Scouts):

Sign up here for Soda (pop) donations (each Scout Family, please):

SundayJuly 9 @ noon @ church – Saturday, July 15: Summer Camp!

Quick reminder from Mr. Neff:  make sure that you get me your son’s completed health forms prior to arriving Sunday at the church to leave for summer camp. If the entire form is not completed, and a copy of your insurance card(s) provided, your son will not be able to attend camp. This is a Boy Scout requirement. I’d rather get these sooner than later, so that we aren’t trying to track down missing items on the day the boys leave for camp.

The Boy Scout Medical Form can be found here: This is required for all participants (Scouts and adult leaders). Parts A & B should be completed by you and part C needs to be completed (and signed by) a physician or nurse practitioner. It is important that this entire form is completed and that a photocopy of your insurance card is provided.

Please ensure this is given to me in a hard copy form, as I will not have the time to print everyone’s forms.
Please Sign Up Here to be a driver:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Shane Neff
Assistant Scoutmaster

Monday, July 10, no meeting due to summer camp

Monday, July 17, 7:30 – 9 pm. Scout meeting @ church and Troop Committee meeting

Monday, July 24, 7:30 – 9 pm. Scout meeting @ church and Board of Review
The Board of Review takes place every month, and it allows those Scouts who have completed all their other rank requirements to complete a final review with uniformed adults to earn their rank.

Monday, July 31, 7:30 – 9 pm. Scout meeting @ church

For those planning ahead, here are the outings planned for the rest of the year:

August 18-20: Family Campout
September 29 – October 1: Canoeing
October 20-23: Backpacking
November 17-19: Pumpkin Chuckin’
December 8-9: Planning Overnight

See the troop calendar for additional details.

As reminders:

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