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2007 – Northern Tier Base

Bissett, Manitoba

In July 2007, 4 intrepid Scouts and 2 even more intrepid leaders made the Troop’s first trip to the Northern Tier base in Bissett, Manitoba.

There, the crew survived a vivid 9 days in the back country, canoeing through mud, swatting mosquitos, and generally having the times of their lives.

Don’t believe it? Check out the trek log.

p.s. Did you know that milk comes in bags in Canada??

The crew traveled from our home base in Columbus to Winnipeg,MB,  and from there we took a vegetable oil powered van  up to the Scout base in Bissett. 


After one night in camp, we met our float plane for the trip to the back country. We spent 8 nights in the stunning Atikaki wilderness.  At right is a map of our trek which started at Scout Lake, went up to Lake Sasiginigak, and back.

After the 8 nights, we spent one last night at the base before returning home.

The trek was an awesome experience. Check out some of the things we did:


And some of the things we saw:


And finally…the many uses of duct tape!

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