Many Thanks for Last Evening

As most of you likely know by now, I’m seldom at a loss of words, but the outpouring of thanks and kind words last evening leaves me searching for words to express my thanks.

I deeply appreciate the efforts of many to make last evening a memory that I will cherish. My special thanks to my step-son Chris for all his work to help coordinate the event last night.

Most heartening is the opportunity to end my stewardship on a high note, with a new and heightened level of Scout and parental involvement in the life of the Troop.

I’ll be back in January as an Assistant Scoutmaster under the able leadership of Mr. Dupler. I’m looking forward to another great year of Scouting.

Encourage your Scouts to make good use of the time they have over the Holiday break and try to spend some time outdoors. It’s a great season.

Mr. Fulton

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What’s left in December?

December Outing – 2015 Planning

Signup and view list of scouts and adults taking part here:

December outing is designated for Scouts to plan the following year. Scouts will plan camp outs/events for 2015.

We will meet at Jeffrey Mansion on Friday evening, December 12th, at 6:00 PM. Dinner and snacks will be provided. Once Scouts complete the planning session, they plan to play board games and watch movies . . .   feel free to bring your favorite board game and/or movie. Please bring a sleeping bag and pad as we will be sleeping at Jeffrey Mansion on the floor.

There is no charge for the December planning outing.

Personal electronics are not welcomed at this outing. Adult will have cell phones for emergencies.

Scouts not planning to stay for the Pancake breakfast should plan to depart by about 7 AM on Saturday.

Community Service – Pancake Breakfast

Signup and view list of scouts and adults taking part here:

Scouts will be volunteering at Bexley’s annual pancake breakfast celebration . . .   all volunteers receive FREE pancakes!

We will serve as “cleanup” and “setup” at the Bexley Historical Society Pancake Breakfast.

Class “A” Uniforms, please.

Our outing ends around 11:30 AM on Saturday, 12/13, once we complete the clean up for the Pancake breakfast.

Final Troop Meeting of 2015

Monday 12/15 is the final Troop meeting of they year – a Holiday Party

  • White Elephant Gift – Scouts please bring a wrapped gift worth $7 or less for exchange. Bring a gift that you would like to receive. Odd or quirky? Yes. Junk or trash? No.
  • Parents, please come
  • Please bring a dessert to share, we’ll provide drinks

Adults Please note:

Adults are welcome to observe the planning process and spend the evening with the Adults leaders or stay overnight.

WE need additional adults to supervise the Scouts during the Pancake Breakfast.

Signup and view list of scouts and adults taking part in Planning Outing and Pnacake Breakfast here:

Please contact me if there are questions or concerns.

Mr. Fulton

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November Outing . . . PUMPKIN CHUCKIN’!!!

Please join us for our Annual Pumpkin Chuckin’ campout! November 21-23, 2014. In Troop 166 tradition, we have invited the Webelos 2 to join us on this outing! Please register and find more information at . . .

Both Scouts and Parents are encouraged to join us!

Cost for Scouts will be $35.

Randy Dupler
Troop 166

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Due are Now Due for 2015

Parents and Scouts –

Once again it is time for our troop to recharter and for me to collect our annual dues. This year our dues will be $70 (the same as last year). Payment may be made either in cash or by check payable to Troop 166. I am asking that all dues are paid NO LATER THAN Monday, November 24, 2014. You may bring your payment to a scout meeting or drop it off at my house: 97 S. Dawson Avenue in Bexley.

I thought you might be interested in how your dues are allocated:

  • BSA National dues and Boys Life 50%
  • Troop T-shirt 20%
  • Advancement (merit badges, etc.) 15%
  • Troop gear (propane, rope, etc.) 8%
  • Camping expenses not covered 7%

Dues for adults is $24. Also payable to Troop 166. Same deadline.

Council has a very strict deadline this year. I need the information and money no later than Monday, November 24, 2014, in order for me to register the troop.

Each year, our troop’s treasurer prepares a budget against which we track our income and expenses. We discuss his report at our monthly troop committee meetings (usually third Monday of the month during scouts). If you have any questions, please let me, Mr. Dupler, Mr. Fulton, or Mr. Fenimore know.

Anyone who wants to be registered NEXT YEAR must pay.

Thank you,

Mrs. Kirschner

Evelyn Kirschner
Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 166

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Sunday New York Times Article . . .

Mr. Flanigan ask that I share this great article from this past weekend in the New York Times!

A Manual for Life

The author credits the official guide of the Boy Scouts of America for his secondary education.

Randy Dupler
Troop 166

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It is an honor…

I am honored to be stepping into the Scoutmaster role for Troop 166.  Mr. Fulton has left big shoes to fill, so I’m very excited that many of our parents, along with Mr. Fulton, are committed to help.  And as Mr. Fulton said, he and I will be working on the details of the transition.  We have a great group of young men and I look forward to supporting them achieve their Scout goals; and most of all, have fun throughout the journey!

If you are interested in helping in any way (big or small), please send me an email or feel free to call me.

Mr. Dupler

Randy Dupler
Troop 166

Randy Dupler
m. 614.578.7955

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Scoutmaster Position News

In our parent meeting last night, Randy Dupler has offered to step forward to take on the role of Scoutmaster of Troop 166. Over the next few weeks he and I will be working together to assure a seamless transition of leadership within the Troop.

I am especially appreciative of the number of adults who have offered to step forward and take on the role of Assistant Scoutmaster and various Troop Committee roles. Mr. Dupler and I will be working closely with the Troop Committee to make the best use of the time and talents of those who have offered to help. Thank you in advance for your patience with us during this transition.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Mr. Fulton

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This Week in Scouting

Two items for your consideration this week:

–> Oct 20 – Troop Meeting, Troop Committee  – 7:30P

Discussions tomorrow (Monday)  will center on the selection of new leadership for the troop. It is important that you attend if you wish to have a voice in the selection of a new Scoutmaster.

–> Oct 24 – 26-  Iron Chef  – Camp Falling Rock

Signup here:

On Monday (tomorrow) we’ll have a final count for our outing. It is important that Scouts planning to attend the outing attend the Troop meeting so that planning can get done.

For our October outing, we’ll be traveling to Camp Falling Rock on Friday(10/24)  after meeting at the Church at 6 PM. We’ll have a snack (eat before arriving at the Church) and spend the night in tents.

Here  is a list of Scouts and Adults that I believe are taking part:


  • Robert D.
  • Tias A.
  • Marcus A.
  • Ian H.
  • Harrison D.
  • Jack N. (Sat. morning)
  • Tom N.
  • Nolan W.


  • Mr. Dupler
  • Mr. Czaja
  • Mr. Almstedt

During the day on Saturday, Scouts will compete in two teams to produce the best breakfast, lunch and dinner for the Scouts and Adults. Time will be available to work on other Scout requirements during the day.

On Sunday, we’ll pack up, clean up and drive back to Bexley, arriving back at about 11:00 AM.

The cost for the outing will be $30 which includes camping, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday.


  • We travel in class “A” uniforms (pants, shirts, socks and belts).
  • Bring your Boy Scout Handbook.
  • Do not bring food. The current plan is for Adults to buy food for the Troop for this outing.
  • Do not bring phones or other electronics. Adults will have phones for emergencies.
  • Eat dinner before arriving at the Church at 6 PM on Friday.
  • Plan to bring a tent or share a tent. Tenting arrangements should be made during Troop meetings before the outing.
  • We will need adults to drive to and from then outing and/or to provide supervision for the outing.

Please let me know if there are questions or concerns.

Mr. Fulton

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Upcoming Merit Badge Opportunities

 Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge
Columbus Zoo
Sunday, October 26
Details here:

Environmental Science  Merit Badge
Columbus Audubon Center
Saturday Nov. 1
Details here:

Nature Merit Badge
Columbus Audubon Center
Sunday Nov. 2
Details here:

These are individual activities, not troop activities. I will be happy to try and facilitate car pooling/rides if you let me know.
Please read the descriptions and follow the directions. If your Scout needs blue cards, please have your Scout contact me.
Many program have prerequisites or additional work that have to be done outside of the workshop setting.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Mr. Fulton

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We need your help!

We have two events coming up over the next few weeks with which we need your help.

1) Next weekend on Friday evening (Oct. 17) we’ll play our traditional role in the Bexley Harvest Festival, selling hot chocolate and soda.

Sign up here:

Mrs. Czaja is coordinating and I will be there to help. So far no Scouts have signed up to help and we could use another adult or two. Proceeds are divided among the Scouts working at the event.

2) The October outing is the following weekend (October 24-26). We are going to Camp Falling Rock (an hour away) and spending two night in tents

Sign up for the outing here:

Because of family commitments, neither I nor the Kirschners are able to take part in the event. We need a minimum of two adults (three is better). At least one of the adults needs to be a registered adult leader. For this outing, an individual holding the Eagle Scout Rank counts as a registered adult leader.

Because of the nature of the planned activity (a cooking competition) we need at least eight Scouts to participate and an appropriate complement of adults for the outing to take place.

Currently only four Scouts are signed up to take part. The link just above provides the current count.

The deadline for Scouts and Adults to sign up for the outing is 9 PM on Monday, October 13 (next Monday evening).

As always, please let me know if there are questions or concerns.

Mr. Fulton

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